P.R.I.ME Paranormal - Paranormal Research in Maine
Mission Statement

P.R.I.ME Paranormal – non-profit organization, researching & investigating the paranormal in Maine. 

Credibility, commitment and confidentiality is extremely important to us as an organization and to you, the client.  The decision to bring a paranormal team into a home should be met with the utmost seriousness and sensitivity to all parties involved. Above all else, we respect your right to privacy.

P.R.I.ME uses an assortment of recording devices, detectors and data collection devices that are highly sensitive in an attempt to document potential paranormal activity. Anything that is captured with our devices will only be released with the homeowner or property owner's permission.

Following an investigation any evidence captured and collected is shown to the client. Our goal is to help people understand why they are experiencing paranormal activity. During our research and investigations, we do try to find a logical explanation for the activity and remain objective.

Clients are always provided with copies of any and all evidence collected on CD and/or DVD

Investigations are always free of charge.

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